Friday, 1 August 2008

Brenoritvrezorkre - Vèrmyaprèb (1995)

This is false, and it refers to a bootleg copy of this demo where one track was
included 2 times and the other were splitten incorrectly. The only real version
of the demo has 6 tracks.
1.Eápr Govépèrv01:07
3.Voarmérpébre Uatr Vèrmyapre04:10
4.Tsaévarya Vèrmyaprèb02:28
5.Favoapr Uatr Zuflebre Oatr Bouarvtre Blehrurb03:49
6.Eamkl Uatre Bervétrèmdre...12:46
Total playing time28:51
Download here
Uploaded by Cirith Gorgor from
Old school black metal from France


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