Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Nåstrond - Toteslaut

atalogue #: NPR015.

LP released by Cryptia Prod. / Pakana Distr. in 2005, lim. 300 but this LP is
considered a Bootleg by the Band.

2.En sång från en pestbesmittad grav04:45
3.Lord of the Woods06:14
4.Akhkharu (The Grave Dweller)03:55
5.Neuntoter (Yo Soy El Roy!)05:14
6.May the Rotten Bones Absorb Life Again07:09
7.A Black Hearse Clad in Human Bones And Skulls03:26
8.Jai Ma Kali04:14

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Anonymous said...

hey! finally i got hold of these songs again! i had the cd, but it was stolen... me & my girl had it in our car and some bastards stole our car and burnt it up. hey, fuck it! about 50 cds were stolen! fucking shit. i appreciate this! my all time favorite black metal album!
cheers from Borås, Sweden!

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