Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ygg - Ygg (2011)

genero: black metal
liricas: el paganismo eslavo, misticismo
pais: Ucrania

contraseña: j3nifer

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ahti - Pohjantähti (1995)

genero: folk metal
lirica: folklore
pais: Finlandia (Helsinki)

contraseña: j3nifer

Monday, 28 March 2011

Bloodshed Walhalla - The Legends of a Viking (2010)

genre: viking metal
lyrics: nordic themes, viking mythology, war
country: Italy (Matera, Basilicata)

pass: j3nifer

Friday, 25 March 2011

Ásatrú (Gbr) - 2249 RE - Demos (1999)

Genre: Viking Black/Thrash Metal
Country: United Kingdom

1. Lindisfarne 05:59
2. War Of Fire 03:16
3. Nordic Skies 05:07
4. Ásatrú Warriors 02:36
5. Into Glory We Shall Ride 05:30
6. War Of Fire (Re-Recorded Version) 02:28
Total playing time: 24:56



Pagan Metal

Last know line-up:
Daiva - Vocals
Robertas - Guitar
Marius Kaciulis "Marka" - Guitar (Sova, Kulgrinda, Ugnëlakis, Žalvarinis, session for Alkis Isalusiai Ausrai)
Mantas Galinis "Galas" - Drums (Sacro Silvas)

Former/past member(s):
Leonardas Marozas "Levas" - Vocals, Keyboards (Sova, Alkis Isalusiai Ausrai, Budrus, Klinikos, Pogrom, session for Svartthron, Delchia, Poccolus, Pergalė)
Guitar :
Gediminas Gaidulis (Stone's Lament)
Andrius Matulevicius "Matulka"
Bass :
Edvardas Jakubauskas (Obtest, Eudine Seythe, Ugnëlakis)
Marius Franckevicius "Frankas" (Stone's Lament)
Drums :
Povilas (Peorth (Ltu), Žalvarinis, Ugnëlakis, Letarg, Kulgrinda, Lauxna Lauksna, Vilkduja, Delchia)

2006 - Ið Atminties

1. Andajai 05:45
2. Ateis Laikas 04:57
3. Ið Atminties 05:30
4. Rudens Raudose Girdþiu Tylø Mirties Balsà 07:43
5. Kariui 06:37
6. Dievø Kerðto Valandoje 05:55
7. Bridimas Atgal 04:16
Total playing time: 40:43


Wolfchant - Discography (updated)

The call of the black winds (2011)

Released: Feb, 25 2011
Total running time: 55:10
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Soulfood
Recorded at Studio E nov.-dec. 2010 Engineered, mixed and mastered by Markus Stock Cover artwork by Ingo Tauer Layout by Norgahd
01. Black Winds Rising (prelude)
02. Stormwolves
03. Eremit
04. Black Fire
05. Naturgewalt
06. Heathen Rise
07. Never Will Fall
08. Die Nacht der Wölfe
09. The Last Farewell
10. Der Stahl in meinem Feinde
11. Call Of The Black Winds

Determined Damnation (2009)
Released: 24.04.09
Total running time:
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Soulfood
Recorded jan-feb 09 at Black Solaris Studio
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Uwe Lulis feb 09
Artwork by Kris Verwimp, layout by Norgahd, pics by Trabi
Logo by Mike Schindler
1.Determination Begins (Intro)
2.World In Ice
3.Until The End
4.Determined Damnation
5.In War
6.Fate Of The Fighting Man
7.Kein Engel Hört Dich Flehen
8.A Raven's Flight
9.Never Too Drunk
10.Schwerter Der Erde
11.Auf Blut Gebaut
12.Under The Wolves Banner
13.Devour (Bonus)
14.Warcry (Bonus)
Links By Rest

A Pagan Storm (2007)

Released: 06.04.07
Total running time: 51:06
Label: CCP Records
Distribution: SPV
Recorded dec 06
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Claus Prellinger jan-feb 07
Artwork by Kris Verwimp, layout by Norgahd, Bandfoto by Myriam Lochner
Logo by Mike Schindler
01. Growing Storms (Intro)
02. A Pagan Storm
03. The Path
04. Midnight Gathering
05. A Wolfchant From The Mountain Side
06. Guardians Of The Forest
07. Winter Hymn
08. Stärkend Trunk Aus Feindes Schädel
09. Voran
10. Feuerbringer (Loki's Zankrede)
11. The Axe, The Sword, The Wind And A Wolf

Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands (2005)

Released: 25.11.2005
Total running time: 61:18
Label: CCP Records
Distribution: SPV
Recorded at Southern Deathcult Studios jan-june 05
Engineered by Skaahl, mixed and mastered by Florian Rhöse at Schallzeit Studio autumn 05
Artwork, logo and layout by Mike Schindler
1. A Tale From The Old Fields (Intro)
2. Clan Of Cross
3. I Am War
4. Mourning Red
5. Of Honour And Pride
6. Ride to ruhn
7. The betrayal
8. Sacrifice
9. Blood for blood
10. Revenge
11. Clankiller
12. Visions of death
13. Praise to all

The Herjan Trilogy (2004)

Released: autumn 2004
Total running time: approx. 27 min.
Label: self production
Distribution: sold out
Recorded at Southern Deathcult Studios summer04-autumn 04
Engineered and mixed by Skaahl
Part I.
Birth Of The Berserks
Part II.
(Silent Water)
Part III.
(The Flames Who Carried Me Away)
By Herjans Side
(Closed Circles)

The Fangs of The Southern Death (2004)

Released: spring 2004
Total running time: approx. 35 min.
Label: self production
Distribution: sold out
Recorded at Southern Deathcult Studios winter 03-spring 04
Engineered and mixed by Skaahl
1. A Wolfs Tale
2. The Desire Of A Wolf
3. Fenrir - Formed By Fire
4. By Crimson Moonlight
5. The Ballad Of The Elder
6. A Life In The Angels Hall
7. In A Cold Winter Night

Epic Pagan Metal band from Germany

Kampfar - Mare (2011)

genero: pagan black metal
liricas: mitologia vikinga
pais: Noruega (Fredrikstad)

contraseña: j3nifer

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Vintersorg - Jordpuls (2011)

Genre: Progressive/Viking/Folk Metal
Country: Sweden
Size: 107MB

1. Världsalltets Fanfar
2. Klippor Och Skär
3. Till Dånet Av Forsar Och Fall
4. Mörk Nebulosa
5. Stjärndyrkan
6. Skogen Sover
7. Vindögat
8. Palissader
9. Eld Och Lågor

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bolero - Voyage from Vinland (2011)

genero: pagan folk/black metal
pais: Canada

contraseña: j3nifer

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dormant Inferno - In Sanity (2011)

Gautam Shankar - Vocals
Sunny Bhambri - Guitars
Aurko Mukhopadhyay - Keyboards & Bass
All Drums Programmed
Bhaskar Baruah - Live/Session Drums

  1. Total Negation
  2. Ashes
  3. Failed Experiments
Death/Doom Metal from India

Further Contact:

Chysta Krynycya - V Nashim Serci Ukraina (2006)


1. Rozlylysya Vody
2. V Nashim Serci Ukraina
3. Ozbroyene Povstannya
4. Posmishka Bat'kivschyny
5. Chysta Krynycya
6. Banduryste, Orle Syzyi
7. Svitlom Algiz
8. Salyut Narodnoyi Gordosti
9. Sieg Heil!
10. Ukrainka
11. Lety, Moya Dumo

Pagan Metal from Ukraine

Friday, 4 March 2011

Natural Spirit - The Price of Freedom (2011)

genero: melodic black/folk metal
liricas: paganismo, historia
pais: Ucrania (Chernigiv (early), Kyyiv (now)

contraseña: j3nifer

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Varg - Wolfskult (2011)

genre: pagan metal
liricas: vikingos, mitologia nordica, fantasia
pais: Alemania (Coburg, Bavaria)

contraseñ: j3nifer

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