Saturday, 23 August 2008

Satan's Host - The Great American Scapegoat 666 (2008)

1.Invocation 66601:16[view lyrics]
2.Ave Lucifer06:36[view lyrics]
3.Dragons - Darkness05:07[view lyrics]
4.Azrael- Death Wing Angel04:45[view lyrics]
5.Great American Scapegoat06:28[view lyrics]
6.Hail Satan05:29[view lyrics]
7.7 Strings00:47
8.Black Order06:22[view lyrics]
9.Pyromancy, the Art of Fire06:34[view lyrics]
10.Xeper 2206:05[view lyrics]
11.The Cursing -Vampyric Evil-Eye-05:16[view lyrics]
12.Infernal Victory01:58
13.Throne of Baphomet07:18[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:04:01
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