Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Nåstrond - Age of Fire

Compiled and recorded in 1996.

All music by Nåstrond, all lyrics by Karl, except track 1 (taken from the Holy
Bible), track 6 (by C. Baudelaire) and track 13 (from the Satanic Bible).

2.Age of Fire01:49
3.Winged Phallus (Ferocious Angel)05:16
4.Womb of Chaos05:22
5.The Four04:41
6.Une Charogne04:44
7.Consecration of the Flame04:59
8.The Great Below03:11
9.Vanished From the World03:29
10.The Red Force (Of the Trapezoid)04:28
12.Opening of the Mouth07:47
13.Epilogue — The Fifth Book of Satan02:21

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