Saturday, 16 August 2008

Behexen - Rituale Satanum (2000)

CD limited to 500 copies.

Re-released in 2004 (with new artwork) by Dynamic Arts Records.

LP released by Faustian Distribution & Northern Heritage in June 2006 (limited
to 500 copies).
1.Intro / The Summoning01:05[view lyrics]
2.Sota Valon Jumalaa Vastaan03:33[view lyrics]
3.Night of the Blasphemy04:46[view lyrics]
4.Christ Forever Die05:31[view lyrics]
5.Towards the Father03:55[view lyrics]
6.Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä05:55[view lyrics]
7.Baphomet's Call...05:42[view lyrics]
8.The Flames of the Blasphemer05:44
9.Blessed Be the Darkness04:21
10.Rituale Satanum04:02[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:34


Black Metal from Finland


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