Friday, 22 August 2008

Hades (Nor) - ...Again Shall Be

...Again Shall Be cover (Click to see larger picture)
Recorded at Grieghallen June/July 1994.

The tracklist on the CD is incorrect, this one below is correct.
1.Pagan Triumph03:43
2.Hecate (Queen of Hades)04:07[view lyrics]
3.The Ecstacy of an Astral Journey06:39[view lyrics]
4.An Oath Sworn in Bjorgvin04:54[view lyrics]
5....Again Shall Be04:44[view lyrics]
6.The Spirit of an Ancient Past06:09[view lyrics]
7.Unholy Congregation05:20[view lyrics]
8.Glorious Again the Northland Shall Become06:53[view lyrics]
9.Be-Witched06:15[view lyrics]
10.In the Moonless Sky05:03
Total playing time53:47 Descarga aqui


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