Saturday, 12 January 2008

Trist - Hinfort (2 CD)

Track List (CD 1):
01- Hin

Track List (CD 2):
01 - (keine) angst
02 - unter den wolken
03 - hilfe
04 - schlaflos
05 - licht aus!
06 - nachtflug
07 - fort

Well here we are. This band is my personal favourite. Trist is a band from Czech Republic (there are 2 Trist bands, one is German) which plays black metal. But most people says they play Deppresive Black Metal or Dark Ambient Black Metal. Rating 10/10. In the 1st disc, there is only 1 song which is 59:54 minutes long. I love the freaking song!!!


Anonymous said...

This link are wrong
I get 6 songs of this band and are so...Indescriptible, magical rites
Please re-upload

AlexCrazy said...

this album is by german Trist, not czech

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