Friday, 4 January 2008

Reverence - Chamber of Divine Elaboration 2007

Black Metal

1. Infra-Code of Perdition
2. Institution of the Dirt Archetype
3. Infected Forms of Distance
4. Inner Phaze
5. White Journey.Inc
6. Astral Noise Projection
7. Pride of Inanimate Emptiness

Download Here !!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you do not the right to do this man, I'm one close to the band and if you want to support the scene, just avoid this kind of shitty behaviour!

Slashmol said...

No if we cannot download music free then we cannot google images or watch youtube. Real artists allow their music to be heard, not everyone can sit on youtube and watch videos. If it's on sale, it should be free online because it is art first, merchandise second.

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