Friday, 11 January 2008

Nagelfar - Sronthgorrt

Track List:

1. Kapitel Eins (Der Frühling) - Als die Tore sich öffnen... 16:45

2. Kapitel Zwei (Der Sommer) - Die Existenz jenseits der Tore 16:11

3. Kapitel Drei (Der Herbst) - Endzeit 09:19

4. Kapitel Vier (Der Winter) - Trümmer 09:36

5. Kapitel Fünf - Willkommen zu Haus... 18:09

Total playing time 01:10:00
Attention : This Nagelfar is often confused with their Swedish colleagues, Naglfar (Swe) (without E). While both names have a similar meaning (ie, the ship of Death from Scandinavian Mythology), the musical direction of the Bands differ more from each other. Anyway this is my favorite album of Nagelfar. I give this 10/10. I'll upload the other album 'Virus West' later. Highly recommended!!!


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