Friday, 11 January 2008

Korpiklaani & Ensiferum (The Best Of)

Genre: Folk Metal

1. Journey Man - Korpiklaani
2. Pine Woods - Korpiklaani
3. White Storm - Ensiferum
4. Spring Dance - Korpiklaani
5. Beer Beer - Korpiklaani
6. Kirki - Korpiklaani
7. Battle Song - Ensiferum
8. Eternal Wait - Ensiferum
9. Guardians of Fate - Ensiferum
10. Old Man - Ensiferum
11. Goblin Dance - Ensiferum
12. Into the Battle - Ensiferum
13. Iron - Ensiferum
14. Slayer of Light - Ensiferum
15. Warrior's Quest - Ensiferum
16. Hunting Song - Korpiklaani

Sorry i didnt manage to arrange them properly but thats the best i can give. Anyway its not the official best of them, but it's the best from my opinion. Give this album a try, it's awesome. Highly recommended 8/10.


Ensar said...

Dude could you update the album.I see that you've made a great "best of" album...I just wanna have it.And it needs to repair now.


Anonymous said...

Nice list. But why is there no Vodka in the list?

Anonymous said...

Because Vodka was only released in 2010 :p

Anonymous said...

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