Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Burzum & Gorgoroth - Split

Burzum & Gorgoroth - Split

  1. Lost wisdom
  2. Spell of destruction
  3. Channeling the power of souls into a new god
  4. A lost forgotten sad spirit
  5. A lost forgotten sad spirit
  6. My key to the purgargatory
  7. Lost wisdom


Pass: FrostRoom


Anonymous said...

The Gods have black women betray the men to prime misogyny in the black community.
They're lying to you and they've been your WHOLE LIVES!!
Europeans deserved to be inflicted with Christianity and the United States. It's just too bad the black man had to assimilate into this white punishment.

Until ugliness ocurrs I won't have the disfavored's respect. How ugly do you people need it to get?
They obviously fail to recognize storms are my specialty.
The Gods just sent another clue:::2.24 orca killing two days after viewing "The Cove".
She's better off dead than knowingly incurring evil in her profession, but this is very common today:::People think they are "earning".

They manufactured credibility issues. One was stealing:::They pushed me into stealing to ensure they had a tactic they could sell to the disfavored. As punishment I experienced years of seizures at the time and renal failure decades later.

Perhaps the Gods would have corrupted people with clone hosting, place a new person in a clone host with a different disfavor level to justify the change/impression they want to make.
They used "carte blanche" of these tools to create a telepathic vested interest, ensuring no amicable closure, for I would serve as a constant reminder of what had happened.

Just as the Gods prohibited the Italians from attacking the Moors because of their favor, so were the Jews prohibited from attacking (most) motherland Germans. Instead they attacked German-Americans.
And the United States for ignoring the Holocaust as it happened. Thus we had the 60s and the deterioration of decency in society.

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