Thursday, 8 May 2008

Woods Of Ypress

Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat (2002)

1.Intro: The Shams of Optimism 03:01
2. Crossing the 45th Parallel 06:47
3. The Sea of Immeasurable Loss 07:07
4. A Meeting Place and Time 08:47
5. Awaiting the Inevitable 04:56
Total playing time: 30:38


Pursuit of the Sun & Allure of the Earth (2004)

1.Intro: The Looming of Dust In the Dark 02:49
2.The Will to Give 07:35
3.The Sun Was In My Eyes (Part I) 06:29
4.The Sun Was In My Eyes (Part II) 07:13
5.Allure of the Earth 06:20
6.Shedding the Deadwood 05:23
7.Dragged Across a Forest Floor 09:19
8.Summer's Envy 04:44
9.The Ghosts of Summers Past 05:55
10.Outro: The End of August 05:24
Total playing time: 59:11


Woods III: Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues (2008)

1.The Northern Cold 05:31
2.Iron Grudge 03:56
3.Your Ontario Town is a Burial Ground 05:33
4.Through Chaos and Solitude I Came... 04:48
5.Years of Silence (and the Private Joke) 04:25
6.Distractions of Living Alone 06:14
7.Deepest Roots: The Belief that All is Lost 02:12
8.Darkest Blues: The Relief that Nothing Can be Done 04:54
9.Thrill of the Struggle 06:29
10.December in Windsor 02:59
11.Trillium: The Third of Three Winters, 2004-2007 (Instrumental) 04:33
12.Song of Redemption 05:37
13.End of Tradition 05:45
14.To Lock Eyes with a Wild Beast 05:17
15.Mistakes Artists Make (The Dream is Dead) 03:55
Total playing time: 01:12:24


Melodic Black Metal, Canada


Lady Marian said...

Muy buena banda, totalmente recomendable...



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