Friday, 2 May 2008

Vision Sufferance - Forthcoming Travels (2007)

Theory Of An Odd Man (0:29)
Rouge Gorge (1:59)
Le Surnom D'une Tristesse (1:59)
Song Of Sand (1:45)
Monastère D'un Moine Perdu (4:04)
Suicide By Venus (5:53)
A Memory Of Past Emotions (1:16)

Dark Ambient in the vein of LLN



Anonymous said...

la raja el disco, pero una sola salvedad, el track 5 no viene en el archivo.

alex said...

alright, first of all this is NOT LLN related or in the veins of.. im offended that you think that of my music... second, you have a shit cover added and isnt even close to what the real one is, and with a fake logo.... third, i am really disapproving of your self uploads of all my music.. my label offers it for free, so if you want to continue sharing it, please just replace your link with the download link from my labels page ( im not asking you to have the link to my labels page but to get the links of file downloads from the page to put on your site.. that way its actually downloaded from the original source, and is OK with me....

thanks for the appreciation.. you can reach me with the email on the labels page.

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