Saturday, 10 May 2008

Dhul-Qarnayn - Shirk (Heathanism)

1-Min Al-Lahm Wala'na
(Of Flesh and Damnation)

2-Suqoot Allah
(The Fall of Allah)

3-Hurooq Tuqoosul Muqadasa
(Burning the Sacred Rites)

(The Conquest)

Band name : Dhul-Qarnayn
Country : Bahrain, Neighboring country of Saudia Arabia
Year : 2008
Genre : Black Metal
Lyrics : Orthrodox Satanism, Misanthropy, Death, Sadism
Members : Learza-Vocals and all instrumentation
Label : Nil Productions

If you`re interested in to get the demo , just contact the label to order it.
Also you can listen the band Here.


Anonymous said...

Is there no download link or iam blind?

O-yama said...

Is this a joke???

if you are in a blog... YOU MUST PUT A LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!

The Death Trip said...

Yes we can !

MORGOTH said...

O-yama I post what I fucking want , if you want material from the band, read the fucking post and contact the label.


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