Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Equimanthorn (US) - Second Sephira Cella (2004)

1.Entrance To The Ancient Flame (Precursory Procedure In The Name Of OUMQ)05:16
2.To Enter The Tower Of Shadows (Trapped In The Witch's Spell)11:05
3.Rule of Utukagaba (Ruling of the Scarlet Light Established at the Gates of the Waters)05:04
4.Refulgent Splendour (7 Conquerors And Their Multitude Part II)10:05
5.Sephira Tephirot (Natura Non Facit Saltum)04:56
6.Mists Over Masshu (The Moisture of Mercury Rises)04:54
7.Sixth Throne of Asaru (The Eyes of Two Daughters Meet)04:25
8.Fashioning The Winds Of 7 (Sar Dannu Ina Mati Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part I)03:31
9.He Who Makes The Name Of Masshu Abundant (Sar Dannu Ina Mati Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part II)04:52
10.Where the Watchers Mourn (�and Dance)02:21
11.Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (The Enthroned Ninnkigal Gazes Benignly Upon The Viewer From A Fragment Of Contentment, By Means Of A Craft Inscribed To Our Queen Ereshkigal)04:32
12.Reflections Of The Last Rays Of The Moon (Erichtho's Aggrandizement)08:25
Total playing time01:09:26



Anonymous said...

no podrías ponerlo en otro sitio, como rapidshare?

Muchas gracias!!!!

Medieval said...

my friend of course i can upload it to rapidshare, but the file is too big for it, it has to be divided in 2 parts.

Anonymous said...

Dosnt matter
I listen this band in saturday
And is so...
Is really Ritualistic Metal
But was other album, i want everything about this band but is so dificult to get

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