Sunday, 18 November 2007

Averse Sefira - Battle's Clarion (2001)

1.Battle's Clarion05:12[view lyrics]
2.Condemned to Glory04:30[view lyrics]
3.Withering, the Storm...02:03
4.Deathymn05:18[view lyrics]
5.The Nascent Ones (The Age of Geburah)05:44[view lyrics]
6.Argument Obscura03:09[view lyrics]
7.The Thousand Aeon Stare01:33
8.Fallen Beneath the Earth03:52[view lyrics]
9....Ablaze03:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time34:59
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from United States of America (Austin, Texas)


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