Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Candle Serenade - Nosferatu's Passion

Pues aquí traigo otro grupo de black metal de los 90's. Esta banda es de Portugal y su disco salió en 1995. Tocan un black que algunos podrían llamarle melódico aunque no creo que dicho adjetivo encaje en este género metalero, así que sería algo como metal melódico, con arreglos góticos y pasajes blackmetaleros, ustedes dirán. No es un disco que me guste mucho pero estaba ordeando unos CD's que tenía arrumbados y que hace tiempo no tocaba, apareció este candle serenade y decidí crear el post.


GeLaw said...

Hi, all i can say is that you've got an awesome blog , i liked it. =]
i just wanted to say that i saw 2 spelling mistakes, maybe you would correct them ;)
the first is "ATTENTION" on the left corner under the BANNER , and the second is on the attention section, you've written "INMEDIATELY" , the correct spelling is "IMMEDIATELY" .i'll visit here again,although i couldn't understand even a word of last post =p

vhpoteufel said...

thanks for the corrections. We´ll be more careful

SORCERER said...

Thanks for the corrections bro ,I guess I was thinking in Spanish at the moment I wrote that stuff..

About the post you couldn't understand , is the compilation one?
if so , I could send you the translation to latin characters of the names of the bands if you want.

Cheers and thanks again.

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