Saturday, 14 February 2009

Chur - Brate Vitre (2006)

Calidad: Mp3, 217 kbps VBR

Album title translates to "Brother Wind"

Session musicians:
Viktoriya Kumanovskaya (Soloist of "Slavutyanka" national folklore ensemble) -
Vocals on "Brother Wind", "The Pussy-Willow Board", "Spring the Wonderful"
Olena V. - Vocals (Herr Mannelig)
1.Brother Wind08:00[view lyrics]
2.Oldman05:56[view lyrics]
3.The Raven05:53[view lyrics]
4.Sura (The Sun)04:56[view lyrics]
5.Kuyaba (Instrumental)06:36
6.Karna (Sorrow Of The Dead)08:28[view lyrics]
7.Three Ways05:45[view lyrics]
8.Spring The Wonderful06:18[view lyrics]
9.The Pussy-Willow Board (Ukrainian Traditional Song)06:13[view lyrics]
10.Power of Slavic Knights (Tsvety cover)03:59[view lyrics]
11.Herr Mannelig (Norwegian Traditional Song)05:48[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:07:52
Folk metal desde Ucrania


Drunken Dwarf Clan said...

HeaHea! I congratulate you for this wonderful blog you have here! Horns High from Argentina.

Heahea! Felicitaciones por este magnifico blog que tienen! Cuernos arriba desde Argentina

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