Friday, 6 February 2009

Black Lotus

Harvest of seasons (2008)
Recorded April-May 2008 in Victoria, British Columbia by Adam Sutherland, Jason
Robertson & David Parfit.
Mixed and Mastered August 2008 in Zutphen, the Netherlands by Pascal Altena.

Recording line-up:

Jasper v.d. Veen - vocals, acoustics
Lindsay A. Kerr - guitars
Cam Saunders - guitars
Nick Engwer - bass
Jason Robertson - synths, acoustics
Craig Stewart - drums

Guest contributions by Harlow MacFarlane & Clint Listing.

Artwork & layout by Lindsay A. Kerr.

Four of the songs included are each devoted to one of the seasons.
2.Signatura Rerum03:11[view lyrics]
3.Statues in Auburn07:22[view lyrics]
4.Of Pathless Woods05:01[view lyrics]
5.Terra Hiberna09:24[view lyrics]
6.Wreath of the Triumphant Sun03:51[view lyrics]
7.Awaken the Season of Old05:03[view lyrics]
8.The Fallow Earth07:54[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:00

Light subsides (2006)

Recorded in December 2005 by Scott Henderson in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The album appears in a regular and a limited special edition. Both are 6 panel
digipacks with a 12 page colour booklet. The special edition, however, includes
a bonus cd-r with 5 unreleased tracks, 2 videos and a colour card with leaves
imprinted. The special edition comes in a burlap bag with the Black Lotus logo
embroidered on it.
1.Helios Amaranthine06:54[view lyrics]
2.Signatura Rerum03:29[view lyrics]
3.Canis Lupus Luna - The Song of Boreas05:52[view lyrics]
4.Seal 4604:23[view lyrics]
5.Incandescence (instrumental)02:13
6.Machinery Brings Mold04:06[view lyrics]
7.Cosmic Currents05:44[view lyrics]
8.Light Subsides03:51[view lyrics]
9.Told in Chivalry04:20[view lyrics]
Total playing time40:52

Pagan folk - black metal


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