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Ordo Draconis - The Wing & the Burden (2001)

01 Paris 1574
02 The Rite Of Catherine de Medicis
03 Turpentine Shimaera
04 Wreckage
05 Four
06 A Crimson Dawn
07 Tiphareth - The Burning Balance
08 Necropolis
09 Tar And Quill
Gengre:Symphonyc//Black Metal

Sons of Satan (Suecia) - In Times Of Fire (2004)

1.SS Lied
3.Merciless Mayhem
4.Cast Into the Race of Progress
5.Der Führer is our Life
6.Fire of Hell
9.Meine Ehre Heist Treue
10.I Arose (Screams from the gasmask) (Profanatica)
12.Satanic Terrorists
13.Merciless Mayhem
14.Der Führer is our Life
15.Execute (Strf 90)
16.Devil Pig (Von cover)
17.The Fire of Hell
18.Returning To Treblinka

Nebelhexë discography "REUPLOADED"

Genre(s): Ambient folk
Origin : Norway
Formed in: 2004
line - up : Andrea Haugen
Note: Andrea Haugen was married to Samoth "emperor"

Nebelhexë - Laguz - Within the Lake (2004)

2.Laguz - Within The Lake
3.My Visual World
4.Celtic Crows
5.Wake to Wither
7.Bird Song
8.Raven Night-Nightflight Mix
9.Sleeping Beauty
10.Touch of Morpheus


Nebelhexë - Essensual (2006)

2.Invisible Entity
3.Their Dead Poetry
5.Erzulie's Charm
6.Purple Nightshades
7.Living Thrash
8.The Wish
9.Dreams of Little Girls


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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thundra - Blood Of your soul(2000)

1. Infernal
2. Frozen Ground
3. Soulseeker
4. Blood Of Your Soul
5. Empyreal Empress Of War
6. With Power And Might
7. Reborn
8. Raevenrealm
Epic Pagan Metal

Baptism (Finland) - Morbid wings of Sathanas - 2005

Black Metal

1. Et Vidimus Gloriam Eius 07:51
2. Remains of Cursed Plague 04:45
3. Vision, Pain & Death 05:42
4. The Worshipper 08:41
5. Names of the Dead Souls 06:08
6. Morbid Wings of Sathanas 05:56
7. The Path of New Era 11:21

Total playing time 50:24

Download Here !!!

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Mord (Nor) - Necrosodomic Abyss 2008

Black Metal

1. Opus I
2. Opus II
3. Opus III
4. Opus IV
5. Opus V
6. Opus VI
7. Opus VII
8. Opus VIII

Download Here!!! (Gigasize)

Elite - Bekmørkt

Album: Bekmørkt (EP)

Genero: Black Metal

Pais: Noruega

Año: 2005



3.Stanken Av Hyklers Blood


Slavogorje - Bogovi Sume

Album: Bogovi Sume (demo)

Genero: Pagan Black Metal / Ambient

Pais: Croacia

Año: 2006

01. Posveta Sumi (Sumo Sjajna Diptih, Prvi Dio)

02. Ostavstina Suma Slavenskih (Sumo Sjajna Diptih, Drugi Dio)

03. Obescascen (Perun)

04. Solsticij

05. Hram Svetovidov

06. Maglotok

Warage - 21st Century W.A.R

Album: 21st Century W.A.R (demo)

Genero: NS Black Metal

Pais: Francia

Año: 2003

01. Intro

02. Follow It

03. Through the Wolf's Eyes

04. Into the Fog of Black Forest

05. Religion of Hate

06. Guerrier Europeen

07. Attack

08. Au Nom de l'Europe

09. Der Sieg Ist Unser

10. Outro

Hate Forest - Purity

Album: Purity

Genero: Raw Black Metal

Pais: Ukrania

Año: 2003

1. Domination

2. Elder Race

3. The Gates

4. Megaliths

5. The Immortal Ones

6. Desert Of Ice

7. Cromlech

Rodovest - Здесь Русская Земля

Album: Здесь Русская Земля

Genero: NS Pagan Black Metal

Pais: Rusia

Año: 2006


2.Закат Руси

3.На Брегах Волчьего Моря

4.Русский Север

5.Меч Святогора



8.Ea, Lord Of The Depths (Burzum)

9.Gates Of Heaven (Absurd)

Hallstatt - Barbarian Warlike Supremacy

Album: Barbarian Warlike Supremacy

Genero: Black Metal

Pais: España

Año: 2003

01. Introduction (Taranis' Hammer)

02. Tyrants of Barbarian Kingdoms

03. The Conquering of the Imperial Throne

04. Lords of War and Blood

05. Where Black Winds Blow Hate and Wrath

06. Immortal Strength

07. To Eternal Glory

08. Under the Banner of Vengeance

Lunar Aurora - Andacht (2007)


1. Glück 11:09
2. Geisterschiff 07:53
3. Dunkler Mann 08:39
4. Findling 09:44
5. Der Pakt 07:56
6. Das Ende 08:38

Total playing time


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Awesome band, awesome album!

Nagelfar - Hünengrab im Herbst (1997)


1. Intro 00:26
2. Seelenland 05:21
3. Schwanengesang 14:17
4. Hünengrab im Herbst 05:32
5. Bildnis der Apokalypse 06:22
6. Srontgorrth (Das dritte Kapitel) 09:35
7. Der Flug des Raben (Ein Jammerschrei in traurig' Nächten) 14:00

Total playing time
The CD title translates to "Giant's Grave in Autumn".
The track titles translate as followed:
1. "Intro"
2. "Land of Souls"
3. "Swansong"
4. "Giant's Grave in Autumn"
5. "Effigy of the Apocalypse"
6. "Srontgorrth (The Third Chapter)"
7. "The Flight of the Raven (A Cry of Lament in Sorrowful Nights)"

Dark Fortress - Eidolon (2008)


1. The Silver Gate 06:50
2. Cohorror 05:37
3. Baphomet* 06:24
4. The Unflesh 05:08
5. Analepsy 06:01
6. Edge of Night 03:57
7. No Longer Human 05:36
8. Catacrusis 04:34
9. Antiversum 07:22

Total playing time


"Eidolon" is a concept album which in its nine chapters describes theinitiation, dehumanization and unearthly rebirth of a transcending soul bymirror magic and astral projection.
*Guestsinger :Celtic Frost vocalist Tom Gabriel Fischer

Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars (2006)


Guest vocalists:Jamie Myers (on track 2)Dino Sommese (on tracks 1 & 3)Released on black vinyl double LP, and the rare limited edition was released ingreen vinyl double LP.

1. Queen of the Borrowed Light 12:58
2. Face in a Night Time Mirror, Part 1 13:21
3. Face in a Night Time Mirror, Part 2 13:58
4. (A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 Stars 20:22

Total playing time

Descarga!! Download!!

Diadem of 12 Stars is the debut album of this awesome band. No more description needed. Just download!

Wolves in the Throne Room - The Two Hunters

Tracklist :

Jessica Kinney (Eyvind Kang and Asva) provides vocal contributions on"Cleansing" and "I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots."

1. Dea Artio 05:58
2. Vastness and Sorrow 12:12
3. Cleansing 09:55
4. I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots 18:16

Total playing time


Wolves in the Throne Room is one of the most influental black metal band for me. I really love the way they make their music. It's classical. I recommend everybody to download this album and have a hear!

WitTR is a black metal trio, currently living a naturalistic life in the wilderness of Washington’s forests, where they cultivate their own food and livestock, striving for a peaceful lifestyle and harmony with nature.

Quote the band;

“Our relationship with the natural world is a healing force in our lives. If you listen to Black Metal, but you don’t know what phase the moon is in, or what wild flowers are blooming than you have failed. The music is about wild forests, unfettered rivers, nature: furious and vengeful.”

“Black Metal is the cleansing fire that frees us from the bondage of rationality, science, morality, religion, leaving us free to choose our own path.”

“The deep woe inside black metal is about fear that we can never return to the mythic, pastoral world that we crave on a deep subconscious level.”

On one hand, it sounds as if they’re taking the black metal genre a wee bit too seriously. On the other hand, unlike a good many Scandinavian bands who write songs about the frostbitten forests and land of their ancestors, WitTR has a bit more credibility as they can back up their claims in their lifestyle and music.

And what music they can make, indeed! With the average WitTR song averaging around 10-12 minutes in length, Wolves in the Throne Room songs are more of an experience than your typical black metal song. It’s often difficult to believe that such powerful sound can come directly from only three band members, but these guys obviously know what they’re doing, and have the stamina to play this passionately for incredible periods of time - their most astonishing track, titled “I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots”, is an 18+ minute black metal masterpiece; an absolutely explosive conclusion to their brand new album, “Two Hunters”.

Wolves in the Throne Room is one of the finest new black metal bands to come around in ages, and Two Hunters is easily one of this year’s top metal albums - black or otherwise - and comes recommended to all metal fans.

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krieg & Azaghal Split (2004)

Track list :

01. Krieg - Every Wound Burned
02. Krieg - ...And the Stars Fell On
03. Azaghal - Lahde (The Source)

by request

Dodsferd (Greece) - Discography

Dodsferd - Kruzifixxion Of Human Disgust - Demo 2004

1. Eternal Suffering For Mankind 03:03
2. Kruzifixxion Of Human Disgust 07:41
3. Staring At The Forthcoming Chaos 09:09
4. Forever Cursed 07:20

Total playing time 27:13

Download Here !!! (Gigasize)

Dodsferd - Desecrating the Spirit of Life

1. Kruzifixxion of Human Disgust 07:35
2. Wrath Was Forged into My Heart 09:07
3. Fuck Humanity & Celebrate the Destruction of the Masses 06:55
4. Staring at the Forthcoming Chaos 09:05
5. Forever Cursed 07:15
6. Eternal Suffering For Mankind 03:00
7. Doomed in Eternal Solitude 06:11
8. Desecrating the Spirit of Life 03:57

Total playing time 53:05

Download Here !!! (Rapìdshare)

Dodsferd - Fucking Your Creation 2007

1. Die in Pain 00:50
2. ...And Disease Was Spread in a Matter of Seconds 10:51
3. I was Welcome Only by Death 12:30
4. Fucking Your Creation 06:13
5. Wrath 07:29

Total playing time 37:54

Download Here !!! (Badongo)

Dodsferd/ Ganzmord- Doom and Destroy (Split) 2007


1. Initiation of the Doom Ritual / Under a Shadow of Evil 07:02
2. Flaming Soil 04:51
3. Earth in My Image 06:23
4. Grim to the Grave 07:13


5. Dead Amongst Us 02:26
6. Dodsferd 03:29
7. Pale Forest Sing for the Dead 08:51
8. Pure Hatred 05:58

Total playing time 46:15

Download Here !!! (Gigasize)

Dodsferd - Cursing Your Will to Live 2007

1. All of Them Are Dead 01:12
2. Hypocritic Shitfuckers Still Breathing 07:16
3. You Called It Resurrection, I Call It a Fairytale for Human Parasites, Your Kind! 06:37
4. Failure Was Described as Religion, as Heresy 08:41
5. I Was Challenged to Enter the Gates of Blasphemy 08:01
6. Under a Broken Cross, I Buried Your World 06:00
7. Standing at the Ashes of a Forsaken Kingdom 09:40
8. Cursing Your Will to Live 09:51
9. Your Death, My Propitiation 07:46
10. I Kept Standing with Disgust 02:52

Total playing time 01:07:56

Download Here !!! (Rapidshare)

Blutaar (Alemania) - Sklaventod für Verrat (2005)

2.Unleash the Sunwheel
3.Sakrileg des Hasses
4.In tiefster Nacht
6.Berserker Ritual
7.Tod der Herrschaft Zions

Impiety (Sgp) - Kaos Kommand 696 2002


1. Christfuckingchrist 04:53
2. Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts 03:17
3. Wardaemonic Overkill 04:47
4. Atomic Wrath Of Azzazzel 05:36
5. Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit 04:43
6. Bloodred Angelshred 05:23
7. Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate! 04:31
8. Kaos Kommand 696 06:14

Total playing time 39:24

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Black Murder - Feasts (1995)

2.Fresh Flesh03:42
3.The Last Supper05:13
4.Tower of Tortured Ones05:17
Total playing time25:00

Black Legions


Black Murder - Promo '94 (1994)

1.My Satanic Hatreds04:25
2.Those Dark Desires That Torment My Soul04:13
Total playing time08:38

Black Legions - recommended


Korpiklaani - 2008 - Korven Kuningas

Folk Metal

01. Tapporauta
02. Metsamies
03. Keep On Galloping
04. Northern Fall
05. Shall We Take a Turn
06. Paljon On Koskessa Kivia
07. Ali Jaisten Vetten
08. Gods On Fire
09. Kantaiso
10. Kipumylly
11. Suden Jioku
12. Runamoine
13. Syntykoski Syommehessain
14. Korven Kuningas

Pass: theblackhorde

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Hordes of Yore - Of Splendour and Ruin(2005)

Hordes of Yore members (Click to see larger picture)

Hélder Marciano : Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars & Singing Vocals
Bruno Vaz : Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Tiago Martins : Bass, Lyrical concept

André L. Vasconcelos : Vocals, mandolin, didgeridoo & ethnic percussion

Jorgue Figueiredo : Drums

1.Setting Stones on Fratricide06:05
2.Our Blood For Naught07:18
3.The Indomitable Spirit05:07
4.Of Splendour...00:43
5.Dementia Wears a Laurel Crown07:13
6.Waning of Might, Waxing of Spite07:21
7.The Flight of Turul02:53
8.A Destiny Wrought in Infamy (an Ill Empire Cannot Stand)07:26
Total playing time44:06
Epic pagan metal from Portugal.

The Stone - Magla

Album: Magla

Genero: Pagan Black Metal

Pais: Serbia

Año: 2006

01. Magla

02. Zavet Oca Arija

03. Zakon Sile, Trijumf Smrti

04. Dok se Blizi Propast Neizbezna

05. Pomor 06. Mesecev Zrak

Bilskirnir - For Victory We Ride

Album: For Victory We Ride (demo)

Genero: NS Black Metal

Pais: Alemania

Año: 1997

01. Intro

02. For Victory We Ride

03. Ragnarök - Verhängnis der Götter

04. Revenge

05. Night's Fall

06. Valhalla Is Calling

07. A Wandering through a Cold Winternight

08. Final Winter War

09. Stemmen fra Taarnet (Burzum Cover)

10. For the Return of Paganism

Mordaehoth - Bloedwraak - Verdoem Al 't Christelijk Leven

Album: Bloedwraak - Verdoem Al 't Christelijk Leven

Genero: Pagan Black Metal

Pais: Holanda

Año: 2003

01. Oskorei

02. Walburga's Nacht

03. Verdoem Al't Christelijk Leven

04. Laatste Dagen Van Een Oud Pantheon

05. Wodans Zonen

06. Liederen Van Het Onterfde Land

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Lord Wind - Heralds Of Fight

Album: Heralds Of Fight

Genero: NS Pagan Folk

Pais: Polonia

Año: 2000

1. Gift of Gods

2. Fighting till Death

3. Hail to Gods of Victory

4. Mystery

5. Heralds of Reborn Honour

6. Today Love Tomorrow Death

7. Without Mercy & Forgiveness

8. Gates of Valhalla

9. Dark Forges of Hades

Lord Wind - Forgotten Songs

Album: Forgotten Songs

Genero: NS Pagan Folk

Pais: Polonia

Año: 1996

1. Windstory of Old Ghost

2. War Song

3. Song Like Wind

4. Going to War

5. Signal for Fight

6. Prolog-Sword for Son

7. Father's Sword

8. Only Your Spirit Will Return

9. Pagan Holocaust

10. Funeral Song

11. Arianrod Heil!

Xenophobia (USA) - Reclaiming Celtic Glory (2006)



Friday, 22 February 2008

Agrypnie - F51.4 (2006)

Tracklist :

2)Und führet mich nicht in Versuchung
3)Auf den nackten Korridoren
4)Cogito ergo sum

Rating: 15/10!!!

Genre : Black Metal

I recommend every visitors here to download this album and have a listen. I guarantee it will become your favourite album ever!

Kampfar - Kvass (2006)

Tracklist :

1) Lyktemenn (8:14)
2) Til Siste Mann (7:33)
3) Ravenheart (6:43)
4) Ildverden (9:45)
5) Hat Og Avind (6:13)
6) Gaman Av Drømmer (7:30)

Rating: 10/10

Genre : Pagan Black Metal

Kampfar - Kvass (2006)

Thundra - Worshipped by chaos(2006)

Vasario pabaigoje - THUNDRA albumas


1. On Thorns
2. Feelings Lost
3. Hatred Declared
4. Silent Voice
5. At Autumn’s Fall
6. Shattered Senses
7. Symphony Of Anguish
8. The Existing Darkness
9. Worshipped By Chaos
Pagan metal

Tharaphita - Raev (1998)

Origin: Estonia
Gengre: Pagan//Black Metal
01 Raev
02 Sündinud Tules
03 Merekurat
04 Allpool Lund Ja Jääd
05 Tagasi Pimedasse Metsa
06 Tumedam Kui Taevas Täis Ronki

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Temnozor (Rusia) - Folkstorm of the Azure (2005)

1.Folkstorm of the Azure Nights
3.When the Lazure Skies Tear the Hearts Apart
4.Watch The Falcons Fly
5.As the Autumn Razor sing above my Veins
7.Tell me, ye Scarlet Dewscented Sunrises


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