Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Discografia Kroda (Ucrania)

Fimbulvinter (2007)

1. The Beginning Of Winter Night Of Oskorei

2. Glacial Riders Of Fimbulvinter

3. ...Where Brave Warriors Shalt Meet Again

4. Funeral Of The Sun

5. A Stormride (Branikald cover)


By A Hammer Of Spirit And Identity Of Blood (Split Velimor) (2006)


1. ...Where Mountains Are Embraced By Shadows...

2. The Arrow

3. Jesu Dod (Burzum cover)

4. By A Hammer Of Spirit And Identity Of Blood


5. To Die For To Survive / By Our Blood And Will

6. Fog


Towards The Firmaments Verge of Life... (2005)

1. Trizna

2. Pathways of Fate

3. Wind From the Mountains (Spring Is Coming)

4. From Behind the Horizon

5. A Memory In Blood

6. How Steel Was Singing Through the Flames of Fire...

7. Wolfish Rage (Ulfhednar)

8. In the Smoke Breathe...

9. Wrath (Honor cover)


Legend (Poppyflowers Are Blossoming) / Wolfen Loyalty (Split Oprich) (2005)

1. The Day Of May In Blazing Circle

2. Poppyflowers Are Blossoming (Chapter I)

3. Poppyflowers Are Blossoming (Chapter II)

4. For The Ages In Wide Expanse


5. Revenge

6. Song Of The Woods

7. White Lake

8. Wolfen Loyalty

9. Lament


Cry To Me, River (2004)

1. Kroda

2. Endless Path of Legends

3. Where the Peace And Calm Were Immortalized

4. Hoarfrost of Blood

5. Native Land

6. Gnarled Cudgels of Thunder

7. Cry to Me, River... (Betrayal of Knjaz Volodymir)

8. Apocalypse (Hypocrisy cover)


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