Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wolves in the Throne Room - The Two Hunters

Tracklist :

Jessica Kinney (Eyvind Kang and Asva) provides vocal contributions on"Cleansing" and "I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots."

1. Dea Artio 05:58
2. Vastness and Sorrow 12:12
3. Cleansing 09:55
4. I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots 18:16

Total playing time


Wolves in the Throne Room is one of the most influental black metal band for me. I really love the way they make their music. It's classical. I recommend everybody to download this album and have a hear!

WitTR is a black metal trio, currently living a naturalistic life in the wilderness of Washington’s forests, where they cultivate their own food and livestock, striving for a peaceful lifestyle and harmony with nature.

Quote the band;

“Our relationship with the natural world is a healing force in our lives. If you listen to Black Metal, but you don’t know what phase the moon is in, or what wild flowers are blooming than you have failed. The music is about wild forests, unfettered rivers, nature: furious and vengeful.”

“Black Metal is the cleansing fire that frees us from the bondage of rationality, science, morality, religion, leaving us free to choose our own path.”

“The deep woe inside black metal is about fear that we can never return to the mythic, pastoral world that we crave on a deep subconscious level.”

On one hand, it sounds as if they’re taking the black metal genre a wee bit too seriously. On the other hand, unlike a good many Scandinavian bands who write songs about the frostbitten forests and land of their ancestors, WitTR has a bit more credibility as they can back up their claims in their lifestyle and music.

And what music they can make, indeed! With the average WitTR song averaging around 10-12 minutes in length, Wolves in the Throne Room songs are more of an experience than your typical black metal song. It’s often difficult to believe that such powerful sound can come directly from only three band members, but these guys obviously know what they’re doing, and have the stamina to play this passionately for incredible periods of time - their most astonishing track, titled “I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots”, is an 18+ minute black metal masterpiece; an absolutely explosive conclusion to their brand new album, “Two Hunters”.

Wolves in the Throne Room is one of the finest new black metal bands to come around in ages, and Two Hunters is easily one of this year’s top metal albums - black or otherwise - and comes recommended to all metal fans.


Anonymous said...

Well, I disagree, I think WiTR's music is incredibly boring and dull, and I'd rather listen to some real black metal, like Tsjuder or Deathspell Omega. Fuck these American fags and their hippie love for nature, Black Metal must be about the destruction of everything, the systematic dematerialization of the whole universe into shapeless chaos and the demise of all life.

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