Thursday, 27 December 2007

V/A - 2007 - Invocations Of Abazagorathic Unholiday Grimness

Acoustic Black Metal

01. Nyhetsvarsel - Slaying Jesus
02. Nyhetsvarsel - Destroying The Unborn Of Which Shalt Come To Be
03. Kvltsikle - The Antichristmas Spirit Haunting Yellowsnow Park
04. Foresta Isontina - Penetrazione Satanica
05. Inverted Necromancer - Fuck You Jesus, Christians Are Gay And Untrve
06. Veldig Kald Skog - Introduction To The Murder Of Jesus Christ
07. Naunoth - Christmassacre
08. Peasants Of The Black Regions - Peeling The Flesh Off 3 Year Old Virgins Upon The Mighty And Inverted Alter Of The Necroking Of Svalbard
09. Grim Demons Of The Frostbitten Forests Of Kohmo - Hordes Of The Dark Apperentice Of The Necrowizard; Frostbitten Demonikk Groke
10. Veldig Kald Skog - Rejoice In Sinister Ways, For Now The Bastard Is Dead
11. Veldig Kald Skog - The Blood Of Christ Which Is Full Of Alcohol Consumed By A Thousand Lusting Necro-Nuns
12. Veldig Kald Skog - The Body Of Christ Dismembered And Burnt For The Necrowizard To Feast Upon
13. Veldig Kald Skog - The Head Of Christ Impaled On A Stake Outside The Grim And Scary Castle Of Bilskirnir, Where Tor The Satanic Resides...
14. Inverted Necromancer - The Oath Of The Necrowizard
15. Nokturnal Nekrobation - Satanic Abazagorathic Ritual Dance Over The Top Of The Mighty And Grim Mountain Of The Necrogoats In The Inverted...
16. Borgelfsorgarkalf - Hellish Necrogoat Feeding On Poser Corpses
17. Nocturnal Frost Fjord - The True Fjos Metall
18. Inverted Crossvortex - At Least We Have Satan To Kill Ourselves For
19. Necrobejor - Dancing In The Cold Darkness Of The Cooker's Kitchen...
20. Inverted Necromancer - Intro (Satanic Screams Of A Necropig Raped With A Grim Bloody Chainsaw)

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