Sunday, 30 December 2007

Blackdeath - Saturn Sector (2001)

1.Nayward Of Python's Silence05:18
2.Return From Lilith's Cunt05:52
3.Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero03:40
4.The Metal Flowers03:41
5.Annihilate Thy Forest02:09
6.Saturn Sector02:48
7.Erection of Seven Towers of Satan03:37
9.The Apocalyptic Sacrifice03:53
10.Obey Baphomet03:42
11.Rising of the Cold Killer02:36
12.A Masque of the Black Death*01:39
13.The Number*06:03
Total playing time47:09

Russian GREAT raw blackmetal (when i say raw i don't mean the cunts with disgusting bad production)



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