Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sacrilegium - Wicher

genre: slavonic pagan black metal
year: 1996
country: poland
format: mp3@192kbps

Note: "Wicher" (English: 'gale' or 'gusty wind') is one of the most important pagan black metal albums in the history of Polish pagan metal scene. This album - with lyrics based on slavic poetry  - has been an inspiration for many bands here and it has been acting as inspiration for many great albums in our Polish pagan scenes to date. And for me personally, it is one of the most important albums of all times.

Sława Perunowi!



Anonymous said...

Country: Belarus! :)

Anonymous said...

Country: Belarus! :) - I want to write it in Kamaedzitca publication. Sorry.

Neoheresy said...

Oh crap, my bad! correction is on its way :-)

Anonymous said...

enlace dañado gracias de todas maneras

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