Sunday, 5 December 2010

Blut aus Nord - Ultima Thulée

excelente disco de black metal de estos franceses (con nombre alemán) de 1995. Para disfrutar la melodía y brutalidad de su música.

sangre del norte!!!!


NorthernSong said...

Greate community! Thank you so much. Maybe, you should add Arkona band? Its a worldknown russian pagan femalefronted group.

MORGOTH said...

thanks for the comment , but we try to post mostly things we like and not to be influenced by the world's tendencies ...

and also, you can find Arkona in many blogspots, that's why I prefer to use my time posting bands you won't find elsewhere ..

regards and thanks for visiting this place.

NorthernSong said...

ok, understood! I've noticed, there are many viking-pagan communities based in hot contries. It's a surprise for me. Well, there is not only Arkona:) Try Natural Spirit, Nevid', Welicoruss... Think, you would like it. And thank you one more time.

MORGOTH said...

yeah those bands are cool , if you look thorough the blog you'll see that most of them have been posted here.
In the same line I would recommend you to check Pagan Blood, Surturs Lohe, Ulfdalir, Ahnengrab, Annwn, Antropolatri, among others :)


NorthernSong said...

shame on me, i didn't see them here:) Pagan Blood i've heard, yeah, they are cool. thanks, i'll go and fill my playlist:)

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