Monday, 12 October 2009

Claim The Throne

Claim the Throne members (Click to see larger picture)

Aletales (2009)

2.Of Mead & Weed01:54
3.Set Sail On Ale02:43
4.Fable From An Oaken Table03:27
5.Two Pints Of Honey & A Barrel Full Of Beer02:13
Total playing time11:31

Only The Brave Return (2008)
This is a concept album following the book which the band wrote.
1.Amidst Evergreen01:51
2.Hunting The Stars07:18
3.The Order Of The Bleeding Heart11:31
5.Triumphant March Of The Draconic Legion05:52
6.The Wandering Minstrel01:10
7.Words Of The Great Oak10:03[view lyrics]
8.The Relic02:53
9.The Battle For Marisneon05:52
10.In Valour01:10
Total playing time48:33
Melodic Death Folk Metal From Australia
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