Thursday, 24 September 2009

Perished - Seid (2003)

"SEID" Ancient norse word for wizardry or black magic.

All music and lyrics by Perished.
Recorded and produced by Ihizahg and Perished.

Painting "Norse Marauders Wreak Mayhem", by Tom Lovell.

Guest Musicians:
Krell, vocals (growls) on On Wings of Desire.
Hanne Gellein, spoken part on Departure of Cosmic Union.
Stein Evil Bratland, demonvoice on the intro.
1.Storm Of Fall Delight04:26
2.Dance Of The Elves05:45
3.On Wings Of Desire06:17
4.As Water Turns To Ice05:59
5.Forged To Bloodshed05:50
6.Departure Of Cosmic Union04:33
7.Untouched By Mortal Life07:00
8.Burning Heart Of Ice05:53
Total playing time45:50
Epic Black Metal from Norway


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