Sunday, 24 May 2009

Jarovit (Rus) - Зов Симаргла [Compilation] (2006)

Calidad: Mp3, 192 kbps

Contains 2 Demos "The Will" and "The Hymn"

"The Will" demo recorded in 2003 a.y.p.s.
"The Hymn" demo recorded in 2004-05 a.y.p.s.
all music and lyrics by JAROVIT
drums programming in track 3 by Grom
1.Воля (The Will)08:10
2.Отражение (The Reflection)01:44
3.Дивъ Кличетъ (Div Is Calling)01:26
4.Навий Цвет (Colours Of Nav')03:30
5.Заклятье (The Spell)06:38
7.Кощун (The Hymn)03:30
8.Жива (Jiva)02:25
9.Память Льда (The Memory Of Ice)03:35
10.К Свету (To The Light)01:44
11.Грозна Рать (Glorious Army)03:16
12.Холод (Coldness)01:10
13.У Костра (At The Fire)02:51
Total playing time42:35



Black Metal, Folk from Russia


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