Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Mord - Imperium Magnum Infernalis (2006)

1.Necrobestiality = Goatworship09:29
2.Occulta Sodomistica09:01
3.In Nomine Sathanas09:08
4.Part I - Summon The Beast/Part II - Seeds Of Evil13:12
5.Rise From Hades03:41
Total playing time44:33

USBM, with Malefic from Xasthur as session member


Gris - Neurasthenie (2006)

1.Le neurasthenique04:05
2.The Cold Wind Of My Breath Is Always Blowing05:33
3.Lueur d'ombre08:02
4.Where So Many Tombs Were Forgotten09:45
5.Elder Moons06:07
7.Aux serres de la mιlancolie10:28
Total playing time50:13

Cold Isolative Blackmetal


Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Mystic Shadows - ... Over old hills (2004)

1.Under The Red Sky05:06
2.Ode To The Braves08:30
3.Home Of The Gods09:50
4.Into The Mist04:20
5.Pagan Memories04:33
6.Our Kingdom Is Rising Again08:15
7.Lake Of Ice09:36
8.Tears Of An Ancient Brave02:29
Total playing time52:39

Monday, 28 April 2008

Hantaoma - Malombra (2005)

Banda: Hantaoma
Album: Malombra
País: Francia
Año: 2005
Estilo: Folk Metal

1.Vent Follet 04:29
2.Malombra 04:0
33.Hantaoma 04:22
4.Maluros 04:36
5.La Ronda Dels Morts 06:38
6.Para Lo Lop 04:13
7.Cançon Dels Segaires 04:06
8.Negra Sason 04:14
9.A La Montanha 02:19
10.Flama 07:32

Total playing time 46:32


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Hollenthon - Domus Mundi (1999)

Hollenthon - Domus Mundi (1999)

1. Enrapture - Hinc Illæ Lacrimæ 05:33

2. Homage - Magni Nominis Umbra 06:06

3. Vestige - Non Omnis Moriar 07:19

4. Lure - Pallida Mors 04:16

5. Interlude - Ultima Ratio Regum 03:48

6. Reprisal - Malis Avibus 04:26

7. Premonition - Lex Talionis 05:00

8. Eclipse - Vita Nova 08:49

Hollenthon - With Vilest of Worms To Dwell (2001)

Hollenthon - With Vilest of Worms To Dwell (2001)

1. Y Draig Goch 03:55

2. Woe to the Defeated 05:51

3. Lords of Bedlam 05:35

4. To Kingdom Come 05:33

5. The Calm Before the Storm 05:03

6. Fire Upon the Blade 05:18

7. Conquest Demise 06:32

8. Conspirator 07:23

Hollenthon - Opus Magnum (2008)

Hollenthon - Opus Magnum (2008)

1. Ars Moriendi 05:33

2. ...Of Splendid Worlds 06:08

3. Once We Were Kings 04:50

4. To Fabled Lands 05:53

5. Dying Embers 05:28

6. Misterium Babel 08:31

7. On the Wings of a Dove 05:00

8. Son of Perdition 04:52

Schandmaul - Live @ Wacken Open Air 2007

Band: Schandmaul
Country: Germany
Style: Folk Metal
Concert: Live @ Wacken Open Air
Year: 2007
Video: 640x352, 1500 kbps, TVRip
Sound: mp3, 160 kbps, 2ch
Length: 1:00:30
Size: 722 mb + 5%
Hosting: Rapidshare

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Saturday, 26 April 2008


Género/Genre: Viking/Black Metal
País/Country: Germany
Tema Lírico/Lyrical Theme:Celtic Themes

Morrigan - The Damned (2007)

1. Teutates Warcult 06:44
2. Innozenz The 3rd 05:21
3. Guilty 04:07
4. Boiling Blood 04:45
5. The Damned 06:16
6. Carnal Desire 06:12
7. The Devil's Kiss 05:39
8. Confession 07:29

Morrigan - Welcome to Samhain (2006)

1. We Are Possessed 01:50
2. The Eye Of Despair 04:31
3. Welcome To Samhain 05:12
4. Bastard And Bitch 03:21
5. Cranking Battleharps 03:40
6. Life, Death And The Here After 07:37
7. Belive In Eternity (Mayhemic Truth Cover) 05:42
8. Armour Of Honour 04:09
9. Roaring Warlike And Victious 05:39
10. Poch Mo Hoine 03:59

Morrigan - Headcult (2005)

1. Morrigans Flight Over Celtic Lands 04:08
2. Crom Cruach 10:00
3. Where Rainbows End 06:41
4. Bloody Blue Faces 05:33
5. They Can't Tame The Devil 04:45
6. Headcult 08:12
7. Talisain 07:45
8. Beyond The Convent 06:44
9. Spell Of The Mountain King 08:01

Morrigan - Celts (2003)

1. Celts (Intro) 03:15
2. Giants of Stone 08:30
3. Warstained Iron 04:19
4. Mists of Mag Da Cheo 05:28
5. Reapperance 05:14
6. Through the Halls of Ice 07:10

7. Staring in the Eyes of ChuChullain 06:40
8. Era Reiks Fomore 03:57
9. Cursing the Beheaded 07:09
10. Dance of the Leprachaun 07:35
11. Bitchcraft 04:09 12. Outro 03:08

Morrigan - Enter The Sea Of Flames (2002)

1. The Valley Of Buried Ships 00:41
2. Beyond The Green Hills 05:55
3. Thy Armageddon 03:38
4. Thy Ravens Lay 07:36
5. Come On Bitch, Be My Victim 03:03
6. To Honour The Brave 05:58
7. In Cold Blood 03:29
8. Anam Cara 05:47
9. Enter The Sea Of Flames 04:26

Morrigan - Plague Waste and Death (2001)

1. Plague, Waste And Death 05:46
2. This Bitch Will Burn At Night 04:17
3. In Memoriam 03:31
4. The Arrival Of Dana 05:06
5. Straight War 05:30
6. Requiem 04:31
7. Ashes To Ashes, Lust To Lust 05:41
8. Where The Angels Keep Silence 07:11

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Beelzeb - Misanthrope's Aurora (2004)

1.Mislaid in the Weird Labyrinth of Mirrors08:17
2.Stalemate's Revival08:22
4.Black Bottomless Lakelet07:09
5.Misanthrope's Aurora08:00
6.Out of Sorts01:27
Total playing time41:40

Nydvind - Eternal Winter Domain 2003


Recorded & Produced by Nydvind - 2003

Rereleased as a digipack by Adipocere Records in April 2006 with tha following
bonus tracks:
11. Empire of Frost
12. Invocation to the Morningstar
13. I the Exile
1.A Winter Chant01:48
2.King of the Hills05:52
3.Riding Majestic Crests07:39
5.Blood and Steel05:40
6.Eclipse Over the Shadowed Land05:30
7.Eternal Winter Domain08:26
8.The Call of Mother Earth06:03
9.Heart of the Woods05:27
10.Shores Afire03:39
Total playing time56:34


Winter of Apokalypse (USA) - Solitary Winter Night (2005)

1.Dark Sinistral Path

2.Solitary Winter Night

3.Storming The Gates of Heaven

4.True Pagan Hearts

5.Infernal Pact

6.Eternal Years of Sorrow And Hate

7.Black Metal of Death

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Lucifugum (Ukr) - Nakhristikhryaschakh (1999)

Bal-a-Myth - Guitars, Bass (Vetche) (R.I.P 27/12/1974 - 05/10/2002)

Faunus - Vocals (1995-2001) (Vetche)

The title of the album is "On the sortilage of christianity".

Track list:

1. March of Hatred 06:19
2. The First and the Last 04:44
3. Black for Black 03:44
4. I Am the Law!!! 03:37
5. Wolves (Part II) 04:57
6. The Light of Immortality 03:45
7. Renovation 04:49
8. When Hatred Incinerates the Heavens 04:49
9. On the Sortilage of Christianity 06:48

Excelente trabajo de esta banda,

ejecutan un symphonic black metal magistral y bastante frío.

Con esto ya termino de subir los full album,

pronto seguire con los demos.

Lucifugum (Ukr) - Na Kryuchya Da V Klochya (2000)

Bal-a-Myth - Guitars, Bass (Vetche) (R.I.P 27/12/1974 - 05/10/2002)
Faunus - Vocals (1995-2001) (Vetche)

The title of the album is "On Hooks To Pieces!"
Track list:

1. Pridavlena Upavshem Sterzhnem Zhizni 06:34
2. Tsepju Svobody 07:17
3. Vse Materi Umirayut 06:56
4. Neosyazaemoe, Beskonechnoe, Nepostyazhymoe 05:43
5. Nadryvom Na Vydohe 06:33
6. Vam, Glupym I Zhyvuchim 04:02
7. Terpet Sebya - Sudba Tvoya 06:49
8. U Zhizni Net Ceny 06:20
Excelente album, donde esta Faunus primer vocalista.
Pueden ver el video del primer track aquí.

Lucifugum (Ukr) - ...And the Wheel Keeps Crunching... (2001)

Bal-a-Myth - Guitars, Bass (Vetche) (R.I.P 27/12/1974 - 05/10/2002)
Faunus - Vocals (1995-2001) (Vetche)

Track list:

01 - Potroha Spravedlivosty
02 - Principov Zamsh
03 - Zhivi i Dalshe
04 - Yazvist'iu
05 - Bog Est', On Ne Mojet Ne Est'


Werewolf (Polonia) - The Temple of Fullmoon (2005)

1.Wolfish Famine of Blood

2.Blood Before my Eyes

3.Return of Black Ravens

4.Dark Side of the Moon

5.Burning Eyes of Werewolf

6.The Mystery of Eternal Life

7.The Time of the Children Night

8.The Temple of Fullmoon

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Amon Amarth - Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds


1.Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds
2.The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter
3.Burning Creation
4.The Mighty Doors of the Speargod's Hall
5.Under the Grayclouded Winter Sky


Bahimiron - Pure Negativism: In Allegiance With Self Wreckage (2006)

1.Blood Of Sodom03:53
2.Poison The Crucifix03:53
3.Pure Negativism05:27
4.Terror Divizion Bloodstrike05:15
5.Allegiance To Self Wreckage04:05
6.Wolves To The Flesh Of Heaven04:14
7.Flowing Blood Of The Virgin Borne02:22
8.The Virgin Borne05:06
Total playing time34:15



Juvenile Baroque Slaughterhouse - To Astonish the Browns (2005)

1. Snail Antena Protraction
2. Oh Shit
3. It Burns
4. Burn it
5. Caricature
6. Here Comes the White
7. Blue Stole my Name

Blackmetal for fans of Ved Buens Ende


Black Invocation - Hail to the Antichrist (The Victory of Satan) (2007)

1. Hail to the Antichrist (the Victory of Satan)
2. The Arrival of a New Kingdom
3. Proliferation
4. The True Warriors of Black Metal
5. True and Insane Reality, More than Real
6. Death to the White Metal's
7. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)

Brazilian Oldschool Blackmetal


Saturday, 19 April 2008

Amon amarth - The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter

Track list:

Burning Creation
The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter
Without Fear


Friday, 18 April 2008

Temnozor (Rusia) - Horizons... (2003)

1.As An Echo Of Glory And Forgotten Oaths
3.White Thunder Roars
4.What The Burial Mounds Might Whisper
5.The Horizons Of Spring...
6.Landscapes Of Ice

Temnozor (Rusia) - Sorcery of Fragments (2003)

1.Sorcery is Strenghtening the Black Glory of Rus' (intro)

2.Be Oden Narod Slavensk


4.Wintry Reveries


6.Glorification of the Fallen

7.The Prince of the Sacred Silence

8."...In the Crowns of ancient Oaks..."

9.From the melted snows thou shalt ask our names...

10.Silvery Waters

11.Pagan Sunrises - The Faith of Fire

12.Shine, Fire in the Night

13.As a Fragment of the Unseen Mysteries

14.The Snow and the Steel (outro)

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Amon amarth - Thor Arise

01. Amon Amarth - Risen From The Sea
02. Amon Amarth - Atrocious Humanity
03. Amon Amarth - Army Of Darkness
04. Amon Amarth - Thor Arise
05. Amon Amarth - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath


Vemoth (Suecia) - Köttkroksvals (2006)

1.Mörka Drömmar

2.Smidas På Nytt


4.Mänskligt Avskräde

5.Acceptera Eller Dö




Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Echa Wieków Pradawnych (2007)
1.Zmierzch Fa³szywych Proroków05:50
2.Na Rozdro¿u07:47
3.Pieœñ ¯erców02:22
4.P³omieñ Wzgardy06:43
5.W Staro¿ytnym Gard¼cu02:44
6.Si³a Wiary, Triumf Woli05:54
7.Gorej¹ Wici03:19
8.Wilcze Pragnienie05:18
10.A Nienawiœæ Wci¹¿ P³onie05:05
Total playing time50:51

Tarcza Swaroga (2006)
2.Orzel Bialy09:11
5.Chwala Swarozyca01:28
6.Ku Bogom06:21
8.Tam na zachodzie05:46
10.Piesn Bojana02:12
Total playing time45:59

Szepty Starych Dêbów (2004)
1.Na Uroczysku01:50
2.Wêdrówka Wzgardzonej Swiadomosci04:33
4.Wojna Trwa06:07
5.Taniec Wil02:29
6.W Blasku Gromu04:45
7.Lipowe Bogi05:37
Total playing time32:20

Zapomniane Kurhany (2003)
1.Zapomniane Piesni05:05
2.Wsród Kurhanów05:09
3.Orli Sztandar03:43
4.Nocny Majestat05:29
5.Za Ziemiê Ojców04:48
6.Za Sciana Gêstej Mg³y05:04
8.Ku Czci Swiêtego Ognia04:29
Total playing time38:03

Piesñ Gromu (2002)
Officially released 22 of August 2005 as professional MC.
1.Perunowe ber³o04:04
2.Zniszczone królestwo04:31
3.Gniew �wiêtowita03:33
4.Ojcowska ziemia03:59
5....gdzie panuje Weles03:11
6.�piew duchów nocy03:56
7.W objêciach �wiêtowita03:55
9.S³awa! S³owiañscy bracia04:22
10.Wicher Falami Ognia (Sacrilegium cover)06:35
11.W dêbowym gaju03:33
12.Ba³tyckie wspomnienie03:35
Total playing time47:50

Gêstwiny Dróg Zapomnienia (2002)

2.W Prawdzie Ukojenie03:48
3.Trystyczny Znak Wojny03:32
4.Gestwiny Drog Zapomnienia04:06
5.Ocalic Krew03:41
6.I Chrzescijanska poleci Krew03:15
7.Biada Cherlawej Krucjacie Zdrajcow04:08
8.Nieskonczonosc Plomieni Oczyszczenia04:03
9.Chwala tym co Wytrwali03:23
10.Biali Jezdzcy Nowej Ery03:00
11.Na Boj nam Isc (Piorun)02:40
Total playing time37:10

Oddech Œwiêtego Gaju (2001)

Title translation:
Oddech Œwiêtego Gaju = Breath of the Holy Grove
1.Slava Slawyanscy Bracia04:20
2.Naprzeciew Chrzeyanksim Mieczom02:50
3.W Dobowym Gaju03:32
4.U Bram Nawii03:30
5.Pod Opieka Lasyu02:25
6.Blask Przyrody04:01
7.Modla Pogana (Venedae cover)03:14
8.Biali Jezdzcy Nowej Ery02:50
9.Jesienny Majestat03:07
Total playing time29:49


Vemoth (Francia) - Mort Au Peuple (2004)

1.Le Silence De La Flamme

2.L'Armée Des Loups Blancs

3.Humanité Décadente

4.Espedition Punitive

5.La Nuit De Cristal

6.Fosse Commune

7.Tolerance Hypocrite

8.Soleil Noir

9.La Solution Finale

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Sargeist (Finlandia) - Disciple of the Heinous Path (2005)

1.Black Treasures of Melancholy

2.Remains of an Unholy Past

3.Cursed Blaze of Rituals

4.Disciple of the Heinous Path

5.Heretic Iron Will

6.Echoes from a Morbid Night


Monday, 14 April 2008



01. Atlas Of Sorrow
02. Godless Commune Of Sodom
03. A Window Of Madness
04. Curse Of The Bard
05. The Struggle Eternal
06. Gealtacht Mael Mórdha
07. Minions Of Manannán

Cluain Tarbh 2005

1- An tús
2- winds of one thousand winters

3- The serpent and the black lake
4- Cluain Tarbh
5- I am the Wench's Bane

6- The man all hate to love

7- pauper souls
8- Realms of insanity

Folk Doom Metal

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Graveland - Carpathian Wolves

Album: Carpathian Wolves

Genero: NS Pagan Black Metal

Pais: Polonia

Año: 1994

01. Carpathian Wolves (Intro)

02. Barbarism Returns

03. Untitled

04. In the Northern Carpathians

05. Impaler of Wallachia

06. Witches Holocaust

07. At the Pagan Samhain Night

08. Unpunished Herd / Into the War (Outro)

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Amaka Hahina - Seream Iarkham Beleth'Rim (?-2001)

1.Seream Iarkham Beleth'Rim08:16
2.Elmiapr Meepralz Eahrblemetre08:51
3.Et Dans Le Vents Obscurs Des Tenebres06:31
5.Eam Kereth Vzaebr06:36
Total playing time38:38



Amaka Hahina - Demetria (1995?-2001)

1.Seream Jarkam Beleth' Rim04:30
2.Elmiapr Meeprab Eakrblemetr03:54
3.Et Dans Les Vents Obscurs Des Tenebres04:43
5.Eam Kereth Vzaebr03:41
Total playing time20:42



Friday, 11 April 2008

Heol Telwen - Mor Braz (2003)


  1. Mor Braz
  2. Dahud
  3. Enez Glaz
  4. Heol Telwen
Celtic Black metal

Blut Aus Nord - Odinist (2007)

01 - Intro
02 - An Element Of Flesh
03 - The Sounds Of The Universe
04 - Odinist
05 - A Few Shreds Of Thoughts
06 - Ellipsis.mp3
07 - Mystic Absolu.mp3
08 - The Cycle Of The Cycles
09 - Outro
Pagan Black metal

pass : thetruewarmongers
note : this album wasn`t uploaded by me.

Command (Brasil) - Sturmangriff (2004)

1.Ein Krieg, Ein Sieg!

2.Der Angriff

3....And The Earth Will Tremble Again

4.Das March zum Kampf (New Version)

5.A Call Of Blood

6.Leben Und Sterben

7.Das SonnenReich

8.The Gates Of Heaven (Absurd cover)


10.Stormfront Fighters

11.Das Marsch zum Kampf

12.Southern National-Socialist

13.When the Iron Eagles Flies Again

14.Kulturkampf Kommando


Moonsorrow - 2008 - Tulimyrsky [EP]

Viking/Folk/Black Metal

01. Tulimyrsky
02. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica cover)
03. Taistelu Pohjolasta (2008 version
04. Hvergelmir (2008 version)
05. Back To North (Merciless cover)


Pass: theblackhorde

Thursday, 10 April 2008


As the oppinion poll expired and the most selected choice was the second one ( to keep the blog open) I decided not to close the blog and continue uploading albums although there was like 5 people who voted for the first choice ( to close it) I would like them to give their oppinion about how can we make the blog better. That`s all and thanks for visiting us.

Así como como en la encuesta la opción ganadora fue la segunda (mantener el blog abierto) he decidido continuar subiendo discos , sin embargo , hay 5 personas quienes votaron por la primera opción (cerrarlo) , me gustaría que ellos nos ayudaran dando su opinión acerca de como podríamos mejorar el blog. Bueno eso es todo y gracias por las visitas.

My Dark Place.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lucifugum (Ukr) - Kleymo Egoizma (2002)

Track List

1.S dorogi rasdumii... 04:02
2.Kovan v krovi... 05:15
3.Dikogo zverya... 07:23
4.Ostyvshii Sam... 03:18
5.Bez vetra, vody... 04:00
6.Vrosshii v zemlyu... 05:36
7.K trope deistvii... 06:52
8.Plyaska zhizni stylym visnet... 05:07
9.Bol'she zhizni! 01:03


Lucifugum - Antidogmatic EP (2003)

Track List
01 Blood
02 Ashes

Lucifugum - ...Back to Chopped Down Roots (2003)

Lutomysl - session Vocals and Guitar on ``...Back To Chopped Down Roots`` and Guitar on ``Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism``
Track List
01 Кровь
02 Вьет Цепи
03 Тащит Корни
04 Висит Грозой
05 Падает Семенем
06 Жжет Сырость
07 Пепел
08 Through Blood by Thunder
Disfruten este album de Lucifugum, un poco diferente a los anteriores ya que el vocalista es invitado, pero realiza una muy buena función.
Personalmente me gusta el primer track.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life (2008)

1.Vesture Dipped in the Blood of Morning05:22
2.Merging With Sword, Onto Them10:58
3.Made as the Stale Wine of Wrath08:44
5.Receive the World07:48
6.Vulgar Asceticism09:20
7.Noisome Ash Crown12:55
Total playing time01:02:16

New Album


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