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To Oak Woods Bestowed (Demo) (2000)

Calidad: Mp3, 166 kbps VBR

1.To Oak Woods Bestowed01:33
2.White Willow06:23[view lyrics]
3.Banquet of Bards04:51[view lyrics]
4.Oakenshield06:36[view lyrics]
5.Under the Tree of U'sdum06:41[view lyrics]
Total playing time26:06

Heathenreel (2001)

Calidad: Mp3, 192 kbps

1.To Oak Woods Bestowed00:46
2.Pagan Purity04:35[view lyrics]
3.The Dweller of Rhymes04:48[view lyrics]
4.The Regality Dance05:46[view lyrics]
5.White Willow05:59[view lyrics]
6.Skywards05:32[view lyrics]
7.Oakenshield06:37[view lyrics]
8.Hobs an' Feathers02:27[view lyrics]
9.Conjuring of the 14th06:37[view lyrics]
10.A Dreadful Strain04:14[view lyrics]
11.Seasonspeech07:39[view lyrics]
Total playing time55:00


Wyrd (2004)

Calidad: Mp3, 192 kbps

* Bonus tracks.
1.The Losers' Ball01:49[view lyrics]
2.Pathfinders05:22[view lyrics]
3.Jigsaw Puzzle04:17[view lyrics]
4.The Silk Dilemma04:19[view lyrics]
5.Disappearing Sands *04:41[view lyrics]
6.Moonchariot06:49[view lyrics]
7.The Perpetual Knot03:03[view lyrics]
8.Another Haven05:06[view lyrics]
9.A Fiery Stride *04:59[view lyrics]
10.Midnight Circus05:04[view lyrics]
11.A Poem for the Firmament12:09[view lyrics]
Total playing time57:38


The Winter Wake (2006)

Calidad: Mp3, 246 kbps VBR

1.Trows Kind05:57[view lyrics]
2.Swallowtail04:26[view lyrics]
3.The Winter Wake04:19[view lyrics]
4.The Wanderer04:54[view lyrics]
5.March of Fools05:46[view lyrics]
6.On the Morning Dew03:30[view lyrics]
7.Devil's Carriage04:04[view lyrics]
8.Rats Are Following04:37[view lyrics]
9.Rouse Your Dream04:48[view lyrics]
10.Neverending Nights07:01[view lyrics]
11.Disillusion's Reel02:19[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:46


The Scythe (2007)

Calidad: Mp3,192 kbps

1.The Scythe05:36[view lyrics]
2.Lost Hill of Memories04:58[view lyrics]
3.Infection05:24[view lyrics]
4.Poison Tears04:30[view lyrics]
5.A Riddle of Stars05:22[view lyrics]
6.Romance & Wrath08:14[view lyrics]
7.The Divided Heart04:39[view lyrics]
8.Totentanz02:28[view lyrics]
9.Death and the Suffering05:11[view lyrics]
10.Dominhate08:57[view lyrics]
Total playing time55:19


Two Tragedy Poets (...And a Caravan of Weird Figures) (2008)

Calidad: Mp3, 187 kbps VBR

1.The Caravan of Weird Figures01:16
2.Another Awful Hobs Tale03:09
3.From Blood to Stone04:11
4.Ask a Silly Question03:30
5.She Lives at Dawn01:24
6.The Winter Wake (Acoustic Version)04:11[view lyrics]
7.Heaven is a Place on Earth04:11
8.My Own Spider's Web04:21
9.Not My Final Song04:44
10.The Blackest of My Hearts03:30
11.The Wanderer (Acoustic Version)04:54[view lyrics]
12.Miss Conception03:47
Total playing time43:08


Melodic Power/Folk Metal from Italy


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