Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Voland - Voland [Ep] (2008)

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The three songs tell about key episodes of Russian history, ordered from the
most recent to the most ancient:

1. The siege of Leningrad, when the population, despite famine, cold and
illness resisted 900 days against the nazi attack.
2. The most celebrated "Russian Campaign" of 1812 when, actually, Napoleon's
empire came to an end.
3. The battle of Lake Peipus when in 1242 Prince Aleksandr Nevskij defeated,
after an epic battle, the Teutonic Order, ending in such a way all crusade
military campaigns on the Russian territory.
2.Il Generale Inverno04:48
3.Il Lago dei Ciudi06:18
Total playing time16:06

Symphonic/Folk Black metal from Italy


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