Sunday, 29 June 2008

Goatlord (US) - The Last Sodomy of Mary

The last nail in the coffin for Goatlord. Old rehearsals of what was supposed to
become the second full length album for these Las Vegas black doom freaks.

Initial copies came with a bonus album with these tracks:
1. Gutaba (Jeff Nardone vocals)
2. Untitled
3. Intro - Strange Burial
4. Noctambulist
5. The Black Cloth
6. War Machine (KISS cover)
7. House of the Rising Sun (Animals cover)
1.Gargoyle King04:05
2.Strange Burial03:08
4.Tribe of the Moon03:22
5.Slayed Necros - Sacrifice02:13
6.Unholy Black Slut04:28
7.The Black Cloth04:25
8.Black Pools of Darkness (Instrumental)05:25
9.Stygian Void05:20
Total playing time36:40
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